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Our Story

Crabby Mike's BBQ started out as a hobby for Mike Kerkhoff (Crabby Mike).  He really enjoyed cooking for family gatherings and for others.  But his behavior at family dinners is what got him the "Crabby Mike" nickname.  He would do too much, give the kids too many orders, and was even called "Psycho" by the kids at several thanksgivings.  On vacation, we found a cup for him with a crab on it with the words "Property of the Old Crab".  This seemed appropriate.  As the business started, the name "Crabby Mike's BBQ" was adopted.  He still has that cup. After getting licensed in food prep, Crabby Mike got so busy with catering orders, he decided he needed a real big smoker.  

So he ordered one from Georgia.  The smoker went to festivals, events, and street corners.  Crabby Mike rented kitchens along the way to get things started.  A couple of years ago, Crabby Mike decided to get a permanent place in Fowler, Indiana.  It was a small carry out store with a few seats.  Deciding he needed to accommodate more folks meant he'd need more seats.  So in February, 2013, Crabby Mike moved into a new building in Fowler which provided much more seating.  

He now has more tables and chairs in the new restaurant at 120 N. Avenue.  Of course, our decor includes numerous crabs! Crabby Mike is constantly expanding his menu, and continues and emphasis in customizing orders for folks on a regular basis.  Come on into Crabby Mike's and have a crabby day!

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